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English Abbreviations (Formal and Informal)



Note that languages are always evolving and considered as dynamic. This is the same for English language. All throughout our usage of the language, another set of language evolves. We change the semantics depending on our preferences and situations. This is also because of the widespread use of social media. People are either becoming wittier or lazier (or maybe both), so we have created these few slangs and abbreviations in talking and when sending messages online.




Here are few list of the most common English abbreviations being used nowadays.



English Slangs and Abbreviations Meaning Examples Formal

(Can be used in Business English)


(Can only be used with friends or daily conversations)

ASAP As soon as possible I need the report ASAP.
ASL or A/S/L Age, Sex, Location Could you tell me your ASL?
ATM At the moment

(Automatic Teller Machine)

ATM, I’m thinking about what to do for the weekend.
ATTN Attention ATTN: Please send your time card this afternoon.
AWOL Absent Without Leave The employee made an AWOL since last Monday.
BRB Be right back. BRB, I have to do something.
BTW By the way BTW, can I ask you an updated version of the documents?
BFF Best friends forever We are BFFs.
B4N Bye for now B4N. I will send you message when I get there.
CC Carbon Copy I put you on CC for the file I sent to the applicants.
FYI For your information FYI, I don’t have the files you needed. You can ask the Accounting Department for that.
ICYMO In Case You Missed Out ICYMO, we will have year-end meeting next Friday.
IDK I Don’t Know IDK why she’s ignoring me this time.
IDC I Don’t Care  
IKR I Know, Right? A:The class was so difficult.



ILY(SM) I Love You (So Much) A: ILY

B: ILYSM, too.

IMO In My Opinion IMO, she shouldn’t talk like that to the boss.
LMK Let Me Know If the items are ready please LMK.
LOL Laughing Out Loud That was so funny. LOL  
N/A Not Applicable I put N/A to the question about cars because I don’t; have one.
NVM Never mind A: Do you want me to cook for dinner?

B: No, nvm, I’ll do it.

OFC Of Course OFC, I have to consider a lot of things when making a decision.
OMG Oh My God OMG! There is a chicken near the door.
OT Overtime

Off Topic

I need to work OT.

His opinions are OT.

RSVP répondez s’il vous plait or “Please Respond” in English This invitation needs RSVP.
SMH Shaking My Head They made a very bad birthday plan. SMH
SOL Sooner or Later They will know it SOL.
TBA/TBD To Be Announced / To Be Decided The venue of the festival is TBA/TBD.
TBH To Be Honest TBH, I don’t like to eat spicy foods.
TGIF Thank God it’s Friday. TGIF! I’m going to have a long night tonight.
YOLO You Only Live Once Her favorite quote says YOLO.




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